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What is an FOB session?


  • Frequencies of Brilliance is a powerful, multi-dimensional healing process that operates outside of the third dimensional energies. Working beyond the illusion and limitation of the 3rd dimension earth plane energies, the work opens you up into light aspects of the Self through the 4th/5th/6th dimensional spaces. This makes it possible for advanced healing to take place within you because it is the light of the Self, healing the self. The beautiful part about this work is that it bypasses the ego mind, and without the ego mind to interfere there is a greater healing potential made possible in the session.

  • Let’s talk about how this process actually works within a session.     Each session is individually, energetically “mapped”, or designed specifically for you for your next step. It works on healing the physical, mental, and spiritual body. There are a series of doorways on the back and the front of the body which are activated. Activation of the doorways is created by energetically entering a space above the body, and then coming down to work above the body or to lightly touch the physical body with the finger. As these series of doorways are opened, there is a symphony of energy created around you, connecting into your physical and energetic body. This opens up alignments to the light of the Self into the cells of your body, creating physical healing and an awakening of your Spiritual energy.

  • Changes take place with every session, and as you complete each session it's as though you are moving into a new beginning for yourself.  You will continue to birth yourself from the energy of each session for days, possibly weeks after the session.  You will be healing and unfolding within yourself, birthing into the new understanding of truth and clarity.  There is an ongoing connection from the session that will continue to create healing for you. You may need only one session or you may feel a series of sessions are right for you. Everyone has a unique journey to their self-healing and awakening which is honored and respected.

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